For my letter to the Florida Catholic on the public use of 'graphic signs'.
I was born November 20, 1951. Growing up in "The Bronx", I attended Catholic schools into
college. My family lived in the northeast section of the Bronx which years ago contained
woods, swamps, creeks, rivers and even some small farms. The Bronx back then was very
different from how people experience it today.

Both my parents were of Italian descent. They were both Catholic also, so they brought their
children up to be Catholic. I stopped living my faith during adolescence. I couldn't reconcile
the "desires of the flesh" with God's commands.

When I finished school, I went to work for the United States Postal Service. While I was
working there a friend of mine became pregnant. I knew her and her boyfriend very good. At
the time, in my opinion, neither one of them were parental material. So, when Chuck, (the
names have been changed), asked me if I could loan him money so that his girlfriend Terri
could have an abortion I agreed. I figured that the child would have been better never coming
into this world.

I remember the day of her abortion very clearly. I met Chuck and Terri outside the place
where the abortion would be performed. It was a beautiful day, the sky was sunny and it was
slightly cool. I remember walking over to Chuck and placing the money in his hand. And then
the strangest thing happened. I had a vision right there on the sidewalk in the Bronx!

In my mind's eye, I saw myself holding a smoking gun and it was pointing at a small dead baby
in Chuck's hand.

I didn't know how to react to something like that. Up until that time I had never experienced
something of that nature. It took me months to internalize the "vision", but when I did I became

At that time in my life, as I have shared, I wasn't following the Lord. I didn't think that life was
worth living. I was constantly considering suicide. All of that didn't change... I just realized that
abortion = killing a baby!

Then years later when I came back to God and started attending Mass, I realized that the
Catholic Church was pro-life too!

I hope that my story, in some way, may keep people from participating in an abortion. My
hope would be that in sharing this story they might see the obvious implications and not be
involved in an abortion.

If they are, please remember the mercy of God. Go to Him in the Sacrament of Confession,
and receive His Mercy and forgiveness, through the priest!

It would be better if I didn't have this "story". It would be better for me and that baby, if it
weren't so. It would have been better if I had always followed my Faith, listening to the Church
on matters of Faith and Morals and never have been involved in an abortion, but I was.

Please if you or someone you know is considering an abortion think about what it is that is
happening... a life is ending!

There is help! There are people and groups that care, they care about you and your needs,
they can help you in every way that you could imagine and some that you can not. And it is all
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