One of the problems that I can see in the abortion-prolife debate is the misunderstanding
that the unborn child is not a person.
The fact is that unborn babies are people too!
There is both Biblical & Scientific proof of awareness in the womb.

Jeremiah 1:5  Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I dedicated you, a prophet to the nations I
appointed you.
Luke 1:44  For at the moment the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the infant in my womb leaped for joy.

What might the Bible tell us about unborn babies?

According to Scripture we can see that babies in the womb are called by God. For example: Jeremiah - "before you were born
I dedicated you"

In the Bible, we can also see, that unborn babies are able to acknowledge God.  At the approach of Jesus in the womb of
Mary, St John The Baptist acknowledged Jesus' presence. "the infant in my womb leaped for joy."
Is there any 'secular' studies that might back this up?
Yes there are.
The following is an excerpt from,
Sensory Stimulation
Begin the Bonding Process in the Womb

"As early as the eighth week of pregnancy, the nerve endings that perceive touch have appeared on your baby's skin, and by
the tenth week her brain’s neurons have begun to form synapses (connections) in response to repeated sensory experiences
such as touch and movement. She is already learning as she feels your body bend, walk, stretch, or dance! At about the fifth
month her ear is formed, making hearing the first fully functional sense. After this, she can hear most ordinary sounds in the
immediate surroundings - voices, music, traffic sounds, etc.

Since the senses gather the information that stimulates the brain to develop, learn, and remember, your unborn baby can be
stimulated through auditory, tactile, and movement experiences. Studies have shown that by the twenty-forth week, baby's
heart rate will increase in response to patting or stroking your abdomen!"
Distinguishing voices
Babies are particularly good at identifying their mother's voice.  They are not equally good at identifying their father's voice.  
Decasper & Spence (1986) had mothers read "The Cat in the Hat” during their pregnancies.  Babies preferred to listen to the
same stories they had heard in the womb rather than novel stories."
"Giving Birth to Healthy Life"

"Positive imprints begin at conception"
"Q: Do babies have awareness in the womb? What does this mean for expectant mothers?
A: Dr. Thomas Verny, in his book, "The Secret Life of the Unborn Child," shared some interesting stories of "womb education."
Conductor Boris Brott, when asked when he developed an interest in music, replied, "before birth." While learning new music
pieces, he was surprised to know certain pieces by heart, particularly the viola parts. His mother, a viola player, was surprised
initially, until she realized they were pieces that she had practiced, while pregnant with him.

The emerging fields of pre- and peri-natal psychology are becoming aware of the importance of nine months in the womb,
and the birth experience, on a person's physical, emotional and mental health for life. Increasingly, experimental, clinical and
anecdotal evidence indicates that consciousness exists before birth, and maybe even before conception."

Not only our talents can come from our womb experience, but also our outlook toward life and possibly certain emotional and
physical difficulties. Phyllis Klaus, a psychologist, had a client that had back problems throughout his life. He sought out
Phyllis's help as a last resort. In a relaxed state, he was asked to go back to the source of the problem.

His body went into a jolt, and he re-experienced an automobile accident while in the womb. He checked with his mother later,
and indeed, she was in a car accident while pregnant with him."
"Dozens of university and hospital studies show, that unborn children can see, hear, fear and perhaps even form rudimentary
level of awareness in the womb. What’s more, psychologists now contend, prenatal life and the birth experience are so
profound determinant of human personality and aptitude.” NURTURING THE UNBORN CHILD by Thomas Verny, M.D. and
Pamela Weintraub – Olmstead Press.
Fact sheet:  
Pain of the Unborn: What Does An Unborn Child Feel During an Abortion? --September 15, 2004 (PDF file
-- requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader)
"While an unborn child cannot verbally express the pain she experiences, all biological indicators suggest unborn children are
capable of feeling pain by at least 20 weeks."
London, England ( --
New research conducted by doctors in England shows that unborn children can face emotional stress during a pregnancy as
the baby's mother faces stress herself. Pro-life advocates say the study has implications for abortion as society learns more
about the amazing development of children before birth.
(ME)  I would go on to say that perhaps the unborn child can 'feel' or perhaps 'experience' is a better word for what I am trying
to say, maybe the child can experience everything that goes on from the moment of conception. There is even some, not only
biblical evidence (see above Jeremiah), but also scientific studies that suggest some type of awareness before conception.
Just because science is limited to our present knowledge does not mean that in the future we will not be able to perceive this
type  of reality. A reality that proves unborn children are aware of everything that goes on from the moment of their

A century ago science did not know what it does today. A decade ago science did not know what it knows today.
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