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Unity of Christians
The Catholic Church Sacrament of Marriage
Genesis 2:24  Therefore a man leaves his father and
his mother and cleaves to his wife,
and they become one flesh.
the Bible, so aptly puts it, "One Flesh".
They become one flesh, one mind, one heart whether they acknowledge it or realize it, this
is what happens. It is like clasping your hands together and pulling them apart only your
hands are coated with paint or something. Perhaps, to make the point clear, you have a
different color paint on each hand. You clasp them together to imitate the sexual union of a
man and a woman then you pull them apart. The First thing you notice is that it is hard to
uncouple them. The second thing you notice is that there is a little different color paint on
each hand. Carrying that analogy further, if the hands were people, when they come
together they become "one" on every level of life and when they pull apart they become
"fragmented". If someone goes from one sexually intimate relationship to another  they
keep up the fragmentation process until they almost can't think straight anymore.
Their ability to make clear decisions is compromised, because they are fragmented in
mind, heart & soul!

Does this make sense?

While in God's perfect plan, a man and a woman become 'one flesh' in the Sacrament of
Marriage, unity becomes a blessing. The coupling of husband and wife is a healing
process that is meant to bring about the best qualities in both spouses. As the two become
one flesh they should supplement and compliment one another. Making the union a
blessing to all they come in contact with. The union is a way to accomplish more together
then either spouse could accomplish alone.  
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