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Unity of Christians
"For we are laborers together with God..." KJV
For we are God's helpers..." Douay Rheims are God's co-workers..." New American, St.
Joseph ed.
"We are only God's co-workers..." The Book, The Living Bible (Tyndale House Pub.)
When we read in Scripture that we are co-workers with God, do we think that we are equal
to God? Or do we get offended by the words of St. Paul? Or rather do we understand what
St. Paul meant by those words,  that we help God bring about the Salvation of those he
sends us to.

In another place St. Paul says; "...join in imitating me..." [Phil 3:17] when St. Paul tells us to
imitate him does he take away from the honor due Jesus? Is St. Paul trying to put our
focus on him?
NO! Of course not!
He is doing what holy Mother Church has done since his time, that is; give us examples to
Examples that, perhaps, are closer and seem more attainable than the example of Jesus.

Imitate Mary, imitate the saints, ...imitate St. Paul for example. We imitate St. Paul, that is
certainly an honor to his memory, yet we take no honor away from Jesus in doing so. In
fact, we honor Christ by imitating those who have lived their whole lives and died for him!
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